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Our Customers Are Talking

"Thank you for the good service. It made me feel secure that the yard looked good even if I wasn't at home. Thank you again!" - Betty K.

"We are really pleased with your quality work. Thank you so much." - Sue M.

"It has been great having you mow the lawn. I feel so pampered! You do a wonderful job and I will certainly tell anyone who is looking for lawn care to call you." - Jen T.

Property Maintenance

Commercial Property needs customized and responsive attention for maintenance issues as they arrive. We make sure your grounds are not only maintained but have that picture perfect look at a price that fits your budget.

Homeowners spend so much time, money and effort caring for their lawns themselves but not getting the results they desire. To transform your grass to a true lawn, you need a professional. We are your neighbors who understand the climate and soil conditions that you need. Our professional “green thumbs” keep your grass, trees and shrubs healthy and thriving, giving you the yard and lawn of your dreams.

Lawn Service

Dependable weekly mowing

Whatever the size of your property, we will keep your lawn looking great from spring through fall.

  • Mow all designated turf areas
  • Line trim around all obstacles in turf area
  • All pavement areas will be blown off
  • Concrete sidewalk and driveway edging
    • Spring Every 2-3 weeks
    • Summer & Fall Every 3-6 weeks

Lawn thatching

  • Also available bagging up thatching with mowing

Lawn Fertilization

Starting wilh crabgrass and weed control at the beginning of the season through a winterizer application in late fall, we keep your lawn fit and green.

  • Choose from 3 – 8 Applications for the season
  • Crabgrass Application (March – April)
    • Licensed applicator will apply a control for grassy weed like Crabgrasss, and a nutrient rich slow release fertilizer for quick green up
  • Weed Control Application (May – June)
    • Applicator will apply a healthy amount of slow release fertilizer to thicken the lawn and to creat a dark green color. A liquid weed control will also be applied to the entire lawn. Our weed control will remove existing weeds and prevent new weeds from growing
  • Summer Blend Application (June-July)
    • Slow release fertilizer will be applied at the proper rate to prepare your lawn for the summer. We will spot spray with our liquid weed control to remove any weeds in your lawn.
  • Insect Checkup and slow release fertilizer application (July – August)
    • During our visit we will apply insect controls if we find any insects causing damage to your lawn. Slow release fertilizer and liquid weed control will also be applied at this time.
  • Root Development (September – November)
    • Applicator will apply a very rich fertilizer to strengthen the root zone and encourage new root growth. At this time we will apply our liquid weed control to the entire lawn
  • Core Aeration (April – November)
    • Delivers fertilizer, water and air directly to the root system. Allows the root system to expand creating a thicker, healthier lawn. Aeration will break dwon the thatch layer.
  • Winterizer Application (October – December)
    • This creates new root growth and encourage food storage for the grass to use during the winter and promotes early spring green up
  • Grub Prevention
    • Protects the turf from grubs and other insects that can damage turf rapidly

Spring Clean-up & Perpetration for warm weather

We can clean-u- all the damage from winter and get your lawn, garden, trees and shrubs it tip-top shape going into warm weather.

  • Pick and rake up all fallen tree debris from winter
  • Cut & Clean-up grasses / perennials
  • Trim shrubs & trees
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts
  • Till Garden areas for planting
  • Blow off patios, walkways, driveways

Fall Clean-up

When the green season is coming to an end and leaves begin to fall, we will keep your property looking good.

  • Leaf clean-up from turf and bed areas
  • Leaf Removal, suck up leaves and haul off site
  • Cut & Clean-up grasses / perennials
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts
  • Trim Shrubs & trees

Storm Clean-up

If bad weather wreaks a littl havoc on your trees and shrubs, can be there to clean up and get your property looking good again.

  • Fallen trees and branches after bad weather

Bed Maintenance

Flower beds, trees and shrubs need some work to look good throughout the green season. We can do the edging, weed control, mulching, trimming needed. We can even remove unwanted shrubs and trees.

  • Deep Edging Beds
  • Weed Control
    • Manually pull and/or spray
    • Bi-weekly or Monthly Programs
  • Mulch Turning
    • All previously mulch tree rings and shrubbery beds shall be turned to help rejuvenate faded and compressed mulch, bringing back the new look. Aerating mulch helps prevent fungus and mold from growth, promotes composting and water to seep to plant roots.
  • Trim trees and shrubs
  • Remove unwanted or dead trees and shrubs

Tree Service and Land Clearing

Trees need some attention to reach their maximum potential. Sometimes they need removal and replacement. We can do all of that for you.

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Clean-up stump grindings and repair lawn area

Lake & Pond Management

The almanac says there are no natural lakes in Ohio, but there are plenty of man made lakes and ponds. They require maintenance to look good. We can provide whatever it takes to keep them beautiful.

  • Algae and Aquatic Weed control
  • Lake Aeration installation and maintenance
  • Fountain installation and repair
  • Shoreline Renovation
  • Install underwater lighting
  • Install surrounding lighting

Snow Removal & Ice Control

JP Services is ready to manage your snow plowing program for the upcoming season. We plow parking lots and residential walkways and driveways. We make every effort to provide you with complete snow plowing services for your safety and comfort. Snowstorms can be sudden and require immediate attention. JP Services is available around the clock to service your snow plowing needs.

JP Services’ fleet of snow removal equipment can handle any size snow removal job, can customize a program to fit your needs, and can provide both snow removal and salt services. You can rely on our snow removal teams to be on time, and ready for every snow storm.

  • Commercial
    • Parking Lot & Sidewalk Clearing
      • Zero Tolerance
      • Tiger Levels
      • Lane Clearing
      • After hour Clean-ups
    • Stock Piling Snow
    • Ice Control & Prevention
      • Salting Before Snow Events
      • Salting During Snow Events
      • Salting After Snow Events
    • 24 Hour Services
    • Round the clock Monitoring
    • Spring Clean-up of salt & misc debris
  • Residential
    • Driveway & Sidewalk Clearing
      • For Best Service sign up before snow season starts
        • Multi Execution Levels (2,3,4,5 Inches) for clearing
      • Goal is to have driveways open
        • For work and school
          • Departures as noted
          • Returns as noted
    • Salting is available
      • Cost Saving with planed plowing


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